NZ wedding businesses accepting same sex marriage?

( The law may be changing soon but attitudes will take longer, many NZ businesses have begun promoting their gay friendly status to the world. But in terms of the overall NZ wedding industry uptake has been slow. As the law change draws nearer there has been a surge in NZ wedding businesses making them-selves available to the gay wedding market.

The Same Sex Wedding Directory has built momentum of late as New Zealand businesses begin to accept same sex marriage. Law changes coming into effect on August 19 legalising same sex marriage in New Zealand has drawn a mixed response from wedding businesses around the country.

Due to the sexual orientation of the some couples, they have been refused service from some businesses when they are trying to use their wedding services. Recent events have seen some bakeries refusing to make cakes for gay couples, churches and celebrants refusing access to venues and services. This rejection of service can be humiliating and is why the Same Sex Wedding Directory has grown in popularity.

“Our company aim is to provide gay and lesbian couples a place to plan their same sex wedding with businesses they know will be professional and accepting of their sexual orientation.”

Same Sex Wedding Directory,,

  • Launched to cater the needs of same sex couples who are planning to get married.
  • Features various businesses related to the wedding industry organized by category, from cakes to florists to venues to celebrants.
  • Through this site, couples can arrange their wedding using businesses that they know are same sex accepting.
  • The directory is currently being developed into an international directory with the USA edition opening for listings in the first week of August. The Australian, European and French editions are planned for launch in 2013.
  • The New Zealand edition has proven very popular in some areas, but uptake is slower in the Southern regions.

The website revolves around the idea of providing same sex couples with a comprehensive directory of businesses that will publicly accept same sex marriages as well as openly promote their availability for all same sex couples by listing their business on the Same Sex Wedding Directory site.
“Wedding vendors that would like to promote themselves as same sex friendly should seek out the directory as soon as possible.”

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