The Dolly debuts with a taste of Kiwi

( The Dolly has arrived at where she will present iconic New Zealand recipes and showcase the fresh, innovative and dollicious taste of New Zealand food and world-class wine.

The Dolly is a lovable character who is a dollistic little dynamo! She will be the official face and voice for everything Dolly! The Dolly character was illustrated by Rick Menard, Cartoonist/Illustrator (Twizel, New Zealand).

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New Zealand food is known for it’s fresh, simple flavours and Kiwis love their food – quintessential dishes include everything from roast lamb to green-lipped mussels and pavlova.

New Zealand’s cuisine draws inspiration from Europe, Asia and Polynesia, and is often described as Pacific Rim. Pacific-Rim is a distinctive fusion using many of New Zealand’s excellent fresh produce and seafood.

Media Release on 12 August 2013