Cash Loans – A Fantastic Way to Pay for a Hangi or Umu

( If you belong to a Pacific or Maori family there may come a time when you will be expected to host a family feast. These feasts can often be required at short notice for events such as a wedding or funeral.

If you find yourself needing to put on a hangi or umu for your family and friends at short notice and are worried about how you are going to afford it, contact Ferratum.

Ferratum is a cash loan company which has been operating since 2005 in over 20 countries. They have over 300 staff and service over 1.5 million happy customers. Take out a short term cash loan to fund the event and use the koha you receive from your friends and family to pay it back.

Anyone who has hosted a hangi or umu before knows that they can be expensive. The cost of food and drinks, the venue and seating can quickly add up.

A koha is a gift which traditionally in Maori and Pacific Island culture was presented as a treasured gift or food. In modern days it has come to mean a gift of financial assistance.

Although koha’s are considered gifts they are expected to help cover the cost of an event. A cash loan from Ferratum can be taken out quickly and used by your guests to cover the cost of their koha. They can pay back their loan when they are paid.

If you are at all concerned about taking out a fast cash loan from Ferratum here is what a few of their past customers have said about them:

“Thank you. I really find Ferratum really amazing quick and reliable service.” – KA

“I am very happy with your service and the speed I was able to access the funds. No long winding forms or lengthy processes. Thank you once again for helping me out when I needed it.” – PT

“My bank, which I have belonged to for over 20 years charges $50 to extend my credit $100 for less than 7 days. Far too much! I believe your service is a lot fairer than that and will certainly use it over the one offered by my bank.” – DS

What does Ferratum offer?

– An extremely quick application process and access to money.
– Your first loan with them is interest free.
– You can choose to repay your loan in-between 7 – 45 days.
– They pride themselves on their customer service.
– Ferratum is a registered financial lending service and operates within the law of the New Zealand government.
– They agree with the governments crack down on loan sharks and the cleanup of the cash loan sector.

Feel free to contact Ferratum with any questions you may have about their interest free first loan special or their fast cash loan services – services.

Do you have bad credit and are looking for a no credit check loan – ?

Ferratum will even provide a loan to those with bad credit.

Media Release on 12 August 2013 by Ferratum

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