( What gets in the way of our natural free state? What is enlightenment, really? What does it mean for you to be awake and fully human in the world?

These and other questions will be addressed by New Zealand born wisdom teacher Yanchiji, during a series of public talks throughout the North Island from 2 October to 8 October 2015. Titled Living enlightenment, crazy wisdom for crazy times, Yanchiji will be speaking in Wellington, Paraparaumu, Whanganui, Raglan, Thames and Auckland (Albany and Blockhouse Bay).

“People see enlightenment as something extraordinary,” says Stephen Archer of Mindfulness Training. Stephen Archer is a student of Yanchiji and a spokesperson for the Tushita Charitable Trust, organisers of the public tour. “Yanchiji speaks of it as a living thing, where we recognise our real identity, one that is not man-made but natural and ordinary. Many of us imagine enlightenment like a bolt of lightning that strikes only a privileged few once in a rare lifetime. But in truth it is a gradual process of establishing trust in the purity of the heart, something that is available to everybody.”

Yanchiji’s public talks are a unique opportunity for people to be pointed to their own inherent, un- problematic and free nature, while listening to real talk about real matters, covering anything from food, money, education, sexuality, politics, religion, nature and community. “Yanchiji’s teachings are open to all and not based on any dogma or philosophy,” Stephen Archer says.

It is not easy to describe in words the person and teaching of Yanchiji. In traditional cultures, sacred wisdom was revered and the benefit of being around the holder of such wisdom was recognised and acknowledged. Mainstream culture, though, has largely lost touch with sacredness, the language of the heart. As a result, there is now doubt and confusion about enlightenment, wisdom, spiritual awakening and spiritual teaching.

Rachel Tobin, of The Art of Mindfullness and also a spokesperson for Yanchiji’s speaking tour, says: “I never before met anybody like Yanchiji, modeling human freedom in the way of being completely unedited in the way they are living: completely irreverant, completely humorous, completely alive, engaging with life and with the people he encounters. He makes this available to all.”

Wellington: Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba Street, Te Aro – Friday 2nd October 7:00 pm
Kapiti: Kapiti Community Centre, 19 Ngahina St., Paraparaumu – Saturday 3rd October 7.00 pm
Whanganui: Quaker Settlement, 76 Virginia Rd, Otamatea – Sunday 4th October 7:00 pm
Raglan: Raglan Old School, Arts Centre, Stewart St. – Monday 5th October 7:00 pm
Thames: Grahamstown Community Hall, 768 Pollen St. – Tuesday 6th October 7:00 pm
Auckland: Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre, 14 Mills Ln, Albany – Wednesday 7th October 7:00 pm
Auckland: Blockhouse Bay Boat Club, 91 Endeavour St., Blockhouse Bay – Thu 8th October 7:00 pm

Organised by the Tushita Charitable Trust, Tickets $20 – available online or at the door
Further information:

To contact Stephen or Rachel directly:
Stephen Archer: m 0274 356352, e Nyanaviro
Rachel Tobin: p 04 905 4179, m 021 473 012, e


Media Release on 24 September 2015