New Outdoor Wear Range Combats NZ Conditions

New Zealand is a beautiful backdrop for any outdoor enthusiast or worker, but it can also present some challenging weather conditions. Whether you’re battling winter chills at a building site, or you’re scaling a mountain on a brisk summer’s morning, you want the best outdoor wear money can buy, and 36.6 could be it.

Ecowool is a proud stockist of the 36.6 dual-layer system clothing range, a game-changer for any casual outdoor enthusiast or hard worker who wants to be ready to brave the elements.

The new clothing range, which incorporates jerseys, hoodies, sweaters, beanies, and gloves, maintains the wearer’s optimum body temperature and comfort levels in any outdoor conditions. The name, 36.6, relates to the human body’s normal temperature.

The clothing range is made up of two different dual layering systems, each designed to meet the needs of different wearers. The two-layer dual system consists of a possum merino wool lining and 100% wool external top layer. Both layers promote the ultimate in insulating warmth.

The single-layer dual system uses a double knitting technique with lambswool or possum merino to create a lightweight garment that’s comfortable and temperature-regulating.

According to Rebecca Rowan, 36.6 is the perfect pairing to an active outdoor lifestyle.

“EcoWool only stocks the best wool garments and products, and we believe 36.6 is up there with the best. Because they have been tried and tested in every condition you can think of, we’re confident they will suit a range of New Zealanders’ needs.”

Check out the new 36.6 range for yourself by visiting You can also view EcoWool’s extensive range of sheepskin rugs, sheepskin boots and slippers, and natural health products.

About EcoWool
EcoWool is based at Sheep World, an outstanding establishment in New Zealand dedicated to sheep farming and wool production. It boasts some of the finest quality sheepskin and woollen and natural products in the country. EcoWool has been a one-stop shop for natural products since 1987, moving into the online market in 2001.

EcoWool is passionate about products that represent New Zealand and Kiwis. They use the finest raw materials from unpolluted alpine pastures, natural spring water, and crisp, mountain air.


Media Release on 17 March 2020

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