Wool Garments a Must Have in New Zealand Wardrobes

(PR.co.nz) Winter is finally upon us, and that means the smart Kiwi is rustling through their wardrobe to find the warmest outfits to brave the conditions. Now more than ever, that’s coming in the form of wool. 

According to Ecowool spokesperson Rebecca Rowan, wool is one of the best and most natural materials to keep us warm while also being the smart, sustainable way to go.

“Aside from being a renewable resource wool boasts all kinds of benefits, including being able to regulate your temperature, keep you warm, and keep you dry. There’s no other natural material like it that even comes remotely close.” 

To help make winter a warmer place, Ecowool has curated a ‘must-have’ range which encompasses timeless, versatile pieces that are warbrobe essentials through winter and even into the warmer months as well.

Rebecca says their vast range of quality knitwear is what brings visitors to both their store at Sheepworld and their online shop. “We understand our customers want to keep warm in style so we make sure we can offer a considered range of some of the highest-quality wool garments in the country.” 

If you want to make sure your wardrobe is ready to combat the winter conditions, then visit www.ecowool.com to find out what’s available. You can also check out the extensive range of sheepskin rugs, sheepskin boots and slippers, and outdoor clothing. 

About Ecowool 
Ecowool is based at Sheepworld, an outstanding establishment in New Zealand dedicated to sharing the sheep farming experience. Ecowool sells quality wool products and has been a one-stop shop for natural products since 1987, moving into the online market in 2001. Passionate about representing New Zealand and Kiwis, they offer the finest quality sheepskin and woollen products in the country. 

Get in touch today to find out what Ecowool can do for you. 

Media Release on 24 June 2019

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