New Social Network to Boost Kiwi Businesses

( Auckland – the social network startup, specializing in connecting NZ customers with Kiwi professionals, is offering the deal of a lifetime, literally.

With a one-off lifetime membership offer for NZ professionals, launched on on Friday the 13th at 13:13, the platform is giving NZ self-employed, owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers the opportunity to showcase their full line of local services, images, and descriptions on high-quality business profiles for free, for life. The growing range of’s features is made with love for New Zealanders and will be fully available to NZ professionals at fair pricing. It’s a great opportunity especially for new and small NZ businesses to get a head start in the market.

In the carefully developed and thoroughly tested network, the features for business members include:

• Business profiles: show images, descriptions, and references that are easily found online
• Projects: get access to new project leads, 100% commission-free
• Quotes: submit private quotes on projects and secure new customers
• Live chat: instantly communicate with customers and see their contact details

Business memberships have no hidden fees and can be canceled any time. is expanding with new features, with special coupon offers helping professionals line up for the near future. A lifetime membership saves NZ professionals money, time, and hassle – and professionals have the opportunity to submit quotes on interesting projects for free at any time.

How it Works
Anyone in New Zealand who offers a local service simply needs to visit the pre-launch website and share it in social media, with no purchase or subscription necessary. The more friends that join, the longer free membership the user gets. Already five joined friends gains the user three months of free business listing and a sneak preview of the full network.

“Top-quality business listings and new customer leads don’t actually have to cost a lot of money in New Zealand – often it’s the platforms taking high fees and commissions for new leads that’s the problem! We think especially small NZ businesses deserve better than that, and that’s what is all about. Superb business listings and an expanding range of essential features to grow a business makes a winning concept for the conscious NZ business owner”, says Founder and Director Dr Fokko Schulz.

Customer preferences have changed and more people want to easily find and compare services online before hiring – but the online market in New Zealand has often failed to keep up or meet these customer needs with unreasonably high costs for small businesses to list their full range of services online. This is where comes in: a New Zealand network built on the idea that premium business listings don’t have to be expensive. Sustaining their business model through low-cost listing fees that meet the needs of most NZ business owners (rather than making a profit on high fees and commissions), is able to cut the costs for NZ businesses tied to traditional listings.

Unlike their competitors, the network leads with quality business features such as allowing NZ professionals to submit private quotes on big-budget projects, rather than just offering low-cost business listings. Some of the features will cost a bit less than $1, other features more. With no set price point restrictions, the network is able to create the best possible features using the team’s passion, love, and hard work as the finest ingredients. The philosophy is based on making the most converting and attractive business profiles in New Zealand with high-quality features possible, and then charging a small membership fee to access all the features – offering a fair value in the NZ online market. was founded by Dr Fokko Schulz. Before, he earned his PhD in media at the University of Auckland and gathered international research and startup experience in Europe, Latin America and the US. Michael brings 20 years of backend experience to Mho worked as a backend programmer at the Ministry of Justice for 8 years. Gaurav worked as web developer at one of the largest private-sector banks. Juni is responsible for the frontend development. Jovan is a web designer. Launching the pre-launch campaign of on Friday the 13th at 13:13, the first version of the social network was already met with enthusiastic feedback from beta users.’s pre-launch campaign, giving NZ professionals the opportunity to enjoy all business features for life, is running until mid-November 2017. Many pioneer users have already joined to obtain free lifetime membership. Premium business listing fees after the pre-launch campaign will run at $9.99/ month or $99/ year.

Pre-launch campaign page:
Start date: Friday the 13th at 13:13

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