NZ Made Platform aids Students

( TTS is set to launch updates to their digital learning platform, TTS Universal, at the uLearn educator conference in Hamilton in mid-October. These releases further support individualised learning and bring in an element of gamification to the literacy platform, the aim of which is to enable deeper engagement through improved participation which leads to better learning outcomes.

TTS Universal’s digital resources consist of hundreds of high quality, New Zealand context, literacy content. This content has been created locally by New Zealand authors and illustrators. It provides modules aligned to the curriculum, each containing interactive books and activities aimed at encouraging cross-curricula, inquiry based teaching and learning. Teachers also benefit from being able to access analytics to gain insights on student interaction and progression.

The literacy platform allows students to access interactive books assigned by their teacher at their reading level. Each book has the ability for the student to listen to narration, view videos, complete in-book activities and many books offer dual-level texts that switch between two literacy levels. Each child can access the student platform from school or from home.

Karen Rolleston CEO says, “The introduction of gamification is an important feature to build engagement. Themed quests, where students can gain points for taking actions like completing books and activities, even watching educational videos, or looking up words in a glossary, can achieve reward points as they progress through the quest stages. It also encourages teamwork and collaboration as the whole class needs to do their part to complete all the stages of the quest.”

In addition to the literacy component, TTS Universal also features a Launchpad where students have access to a gateway of predefined online learning resources as set by the teacher, which is useful for ensuring students are not distracted by visiting other sites outside the platform.

Another valuable feature with this iteration is the introduction of the Dashboard where teachers can manage, assign and view student work in the cloud. This provides teachers with visibility on what the students are working on and who they are sharing their work with.

TTS will be demonstrating TTS Universal at Stand 20/21 at uLearn in Hamilton from 11-13 October and invite teachers to see it in action. During October, primary schools can take advantage of the free trial, and TTS will offer Term 4 at no charge if they sign up before the end of the year.

Media Release 2 October 2017.