Communicate Media Installs New Community Hubs

( Communicate Media, based in Auckland has begun installing its new Community Hubs in North Island New World and Pakn’Save supermarkets.

The hubs, designed by Communicate Media , are positioned in the busy foyers of the supermarkets and allow the community to actively engage and interact with each other in a relevant way.

The hub design includes a range of options for the supermarket, the most popular of which are charitable trust food donation bins, community newspaper shelves, a supermarket competition and suggestion drop box. Customers can also use the hubs to announce events or post public notices and services.. Community notices are written on the free customer cards and placed onto the notice board area of the hub.

The bins and community notice board brings customers to the hub and there are up 45,000 “eyes a week” on them, providing advertisers a cost-effective and targeted media placement solution for engaging, connecting and interacting with local communities.

Media Release 2 October 2017.