New Zealand Honey Co. Launches New Manuka Honey Range


New Zealand Honey Co. has been in operation since 2006 and was one of the first companies to proport the health benefits of Manuka honey and export the product globally. The company has won numerous awards including New Zealand’s fastest-growing company, fastest-growing exporter and fastest-growing primary sector business. They currently export Manuka honey worldwide, with extensive New Zealand distribution.

Rebranding the trusted heritage company involved expanding on the previous market positioning of ‘healthy honey’. This aligns perfectly with the health and wellness category, currently valued at $4.2 trillion globally according to the Global Wellness Institute. Many consumers are aware of Manuka honey for its symptomatic use, when sick, and the objective is to expand this single-use consumption to everyday use for overall health and wellbeing.

Owner, Marc Eurell says, “true wellbeing encompasses a healthy mind, body, spirit and world. How we live our lives and nourish our body and our mind, impacts the world around us. We know that the choices we make don’t have to be incongruous to the wellbeing of the world but can actually support it.” Native forests, reserves and other land areas in New Zealand have been cleared and replaced with industrialised farming to feed the world’s growing population. As the demand for New Zealand Manuka honey increases, the more farmland will be returned back to native Manuka trees as it once was.

New Zealand Honey Co. has long-established relationships with partners, UMFHA and Analytica Laboratories, who together ensure the product is genuine and of the highest quality.

Design architecture for the range incorporates both the UMF™ grading system and Methylglyoxal (MGO) measurement to assist customers with their purchasing decision.

Educating consumers on the benefits of Manuka Honey remains a focus for the brand as well as improving sustainability in all areas of the business. In the interim, the new Manuka honey range remains contained in a BPA free, 100% reusable plastic jar. However, with company efforts to reduce plastic use, environmentally friendly packaging is on the horizon.


Media Release 11 Novembe 2019.