The Rockfort Group Announces Acquisition of GPP Markets Limited


The Rockfort Group, a leader in the Global FX and CFD trading sector, announces that its holding company, Rockfort Holdings Limited, has acquired all of the shares of New Zealand based broker, GPP Markets Limited. GPP Markets Limited is a New Zealand based provider of online market trading services and holds a Derivative Issuer License issued by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). (FSP 509766). The official acquisition date is the 24th of September 2019. GPP Markets Limited has been renamed Rockfort MarketsLimited.

Rockfort Holding CEO, Sargon Elias said: “With this acquisition, the Rockfort Group has gained a foothold in New Zealand allowing it to focus on New Zealand’s local market, as well as markets in Europe, Oceania, and Asia”. The group feels that through this acquisition, a strong capital base, a stable regulatory environment under the FMA, and the optimal delivery of its products and technologies, the Rockfort Group positioning in the regions will be significantly enhanced.

Media Release 11 November 2019.