New Zealand Underwater Association organises first ever countrywide Trash2Cash campaign

( Focusing on Preventing Debris Underwater – One Dive at a Time

Local scuba divers, dive groups and dive operators will Dive Against Debris across New Zealand during the month of September. As part of the New Zealand Underwater Association’s commitment to protecting the ocean, trained divers will not only remove underwater debris such as plastic bags, bottles, fishing line and even car batteries, but also identify and document all of the trash seen underwater in a larger effort to prevent marine debris.

The group are also organising the first ever Trash2Cash campaign to raise much needed funds to help identify sources of marine litter and share the underwater perspective to a problem that is often ‘out of sight, out of mind.”

“Divers are the natural ambassadors of the ocean with a vested interest in protecting it. NZUA works with divers to address underwater debris issues. The Trash2Cash campaign will directly benefit the underwater environment by not only removing potentially thousands of kilograms of trash, but also raising awareness of this issue and much needed funds to help prevent trash from piling up in our ocean”, says Andy Stewart, from the New Zealand Underwater Association.

Marine debris – or our trash in the ocean – makes its way to our underwater environments by the tonne. Earlier in the year six divers alone collected approximately 100 kilograms of rubbish in just over 30 minutes in Okahu Bay in Auckland. Divers around the world are demanding a permanent reduction in and prevention of the garbage we create which damages sensitive marine ecosystems – even in some of the most remote corners of the globe.

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Dive Against Debris is organised worldwide by the Project AWARE Foundation, a nonprofit organization mobilizing divers to protect the ocean, has an underwater approach that’s totally unique. It’s a year-round, citizen science program that tackles trash beneath the surface and addresses its negative impacts.

For additional information on Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris program and to join the global movement for ocean protection visit

New Zealand Underwater Association is a non-profit organization focused on the promotion and growth of NZ underwater sports and activities and the sustainability of the underwater environment.

Project AWARE Foundation, a registered non-profit organization, mobilizes the world’s divers to protect our ocean planet – one dive at a time. Join the growing movement of divers striving toward a clean, healthy and abundant ocean planet.

Media Release on 18 August 2015