Pacific Creatives ReConnect with Latin America

In a new era of social distancing and limited travel, the Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (LatAm CAPE) has developed a new opportunity with Oyster Workshop for creative entrepreneurs to connect with Latin America.

The Pacific Business ReConnect: Latin America Programme focuses on highlighting the ancient connections Pacific people have with Latin America and reigniting those connections through an exploration of cultural, creative and commercial opportunities in Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

The Programme is delivered in an online environment through Deep Dive and Wayfinding sessions. The Deep Dives will include local and in-market experts sharing knowledge and experience specific to the opportunities the featured countries present for Pacific creatives. The companion Wayfinding sessions are designed to give participants the ability to develop innovative solutions for the market in Latin America, in a group environment.

As a country that is home to the largest and most diverse Polynesian population on the planet, New Zealand has access to a wealth of creative and cultural capital that has the potential to ensure our creative sector is the most vibrant and economically viable in the world. Creative industries mark a significant strength for Pacific people in New Zealand. This has relevance in a Latin American context in terms of opportunities for Pacific businesses to develop high value products to cater to these markets.

The mission of the Latin America CAPE is to bring New Zealand closer to Latin America. Director Dr Matthew O’Meagher says, “The Pacific Business ReConnect: Latin America Programme is an important new initiative for us in collaboration with Oyster Workshop. Pacific-led businesses and creatives are an important part of New Zealand’s business-scape. We’re looking forward to supporting participating businesses to build stronger, sustainable and authentic relationships in the 3 focus countries for this Programme.”

Oyster Workshop is a Pacific-owned systems change agency that has developed a number of business development programmes for creative entrepreneurs and are excited to start this journey with the LatAm CAPE. Director Kim Tuaine says, “After successfully delivering a Creative Cluster programme for Polynesian Creatives for the North Asia CAPE, we are excited to launch this new initiative with the LatAm CAPE. They have incredible insight, experience and connections in the region. The quality of their in-market expertise will be of enormous benefit to Pacific entrepreneurs that connect into these sessions.“

“We are also thrilled to have a Pacific evaluation and research team from the University of Auckland supporting this work. We’re looking to continually develop global opportunities for our communities and establish a robust evidence base for this work.” Tuaine goes on to say: “In a post-pandemic world, the creative economy marks a significant opportunity for Pacific creatives to develop successful commercial offerings unique to a global market hungry for new and innovative ways to connect with diverse cultures and voices.”

The 2020 Pacific Business ReConnect Programme: Latin America is seen as a stepping stone for further initiatives to continue reigniting the connection between Pacific cultures and Latin America and market opportunities.


Media Release on 8 September 2020

Media Contact
Sarah Rennie, Oyster Workshop