Urban Care Slowly Adapts to Greener Business Solution

AUCKLAND, NZ — “The need for sustainable and greener solutions for our business is vital to improve the environmental state of our planet. Implementation of these new practices must be done right away.”, says Sam Bhandari, CEO of Urban Care.

Our planet’s environment has been declining, the rising number of carbon dioxide levels, global temperature, and sea level, have reached worrying numbers. As of June 2020, the planet’s carbon dioxide level has reached 441 parts per million, at the same month, in 2007, numbers were at 383 parts per million. That is an 8% increase in carbon dioxide levels in just 13 years. Compared to 2007’s 0.66 degree celsius of average temperature anomaly, 2020’s average temperature anomaly is at 0.99 degrees. These facts alone are telltale signs of worry. We can foresee the rate of degradation to increase in the following years, if not everyone plays their part in uplifting the condition of our ecosystem.

“There is no denying what the numbers [about climate change and global warming] tell us. We must do our part in protecting the environment in and out of the workplace. We want our sustainable practices to resonate with those whom we work with and serve. We hope that this will influence them in achieving a better future for our community and planet.” says Sam Bhandari.

Urban Clean’s solution is to begin by revising their vision for everyone in the company to embrace green and sustainable thinking. Then they will optimize their waste management, utilize eco-friendly alternative materials instead of plastics, and make use of organic cleaning agents. they are glad to announce that our suppliers will provide them with environmentally-friendly solutions as well. The company will utilize systematic logistics routes to find the best ways to get to multiple clients in a day, for their efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Sam Bhandari once again expresses, “Starting today, we are shifting into greener practices to play our part for Earth’s well-being.”

The company added, “We encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to have sustainability in their mind when they think about building their business model. It is not only enough to fulfil just the financial and social aspects of their values. More than ever, everyone should consider placing efforts in environmental impact.”

The company motivates everyone to shift to eco-friendly practices and make it a habit. “It is never too late to start; the earlier we begin, the better it would be for all of us.” Their CEO stated that the following generations must live in a world that will not be stricken with worse environmental issues. The planet is in a worse enough condition, day by day, the numbers grow increasingly critical, new business innovations and strategies will play a huge role in helping the environment.

Urban Care’s Director ends the interview with a few words of encouragement for small business, “We thought we started late, but now is the best time to do it. We’re glad we have the right network to work with us. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

About Urban Care

Urban Care is a smart and easy-to-use platform that connects people looking for household services with trusted and reliable experts. The mobile-enabled and website-enabled application has brought customers more close to us putting the world in a more comfort zone through innovation. The platform is easy to use, and customers can schedule a professional nanny, caregiver, and cleaner within a couple of minutes. Their valuable services are available throughout Auckland.

Media Release on 11 September 2020

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