Paytech Innovator Activata unveils bold plan to support the retail payment experience

Activata today announced a plan to help retailers improve the payment experience. At the same time it has unveiled its new corporate brand identity.

The paytech innovators new strategic focus will see it provide a one stop shop solution for all things pertaining to the retail payment experience including point of sale (POS), EFTPOS terminal rental, payments (including contactless), creating ecommerce webstores along with a number of other very competitively pitched adjacent business services such as in-store people counting technology, internet services and retail business insurance.

“We will through a new paylab engagement model help retailers to improve or design an outstanding payment experience and seamlessly implement this for them”, said Dave Spicer, CEO of Activata.

Activata’s goal to improve the retail payment experience recognises that retailers in different verticals have different payment experiences and requirements.

Activata paylabs expose payment as an essential part of the consumer retail experience where success and in some cases survival require innovation. Payment is more than collecting funds accurately and efficiently as consumers often consciously and sometimes unconsciously favour certain retailers over others based on the payment experience.

COVID-19 and other structural selling points are a timely reminder of the importance of the payment experience to retain and attract customers.

Commensurate with our paytech credentials it was appropriate to present a new modern, fresh and contemporary identity, said Spicer.

Media Release on 22 February 2021

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