A Migrant business delivers financial support to New Zealanders for nearly two decades

(PR.co.nz) Often considered one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets unless you have had the pleasure in dealing with them, Global Finance turned 19 years old in early March 2018.

In passing from the teenage years to early adulthood there are always challenges, but as any parent passionate about the legacy they create, the company’s founder and Managing Director, Ajay Kumar considers the effort and energy required to provide award winning customer centric financial services to New Zealanders is worth it.

“When I started this business soon after immigrating to New Zealand I had a vision to support all New Zealanders, who valued financial advice, with my banking and insurance knowledge. I couldn’t understand why there was so little education and knowledge regarding the types of financial instruments like mortgages and insurance that are part of people’s daily life. I wanted Global Finance customers to know more and consequently have better financial choices in their lives.”

Nearly two decades later, Global Finance has provided advice to more than 5000 families, arranging over $5 billion in lending and ensured their appropriate financial security with more than $3 billion in insurance placed across the market.

To be a sustainable long term financial service business in a small market like New Zealand means you must do a lot of things differently from your competitors and without giving the secrets to their success away, the Leadership Team claim it is “like putting an octopus into a string bag – there are lots of moving bits that need your attention at any time but our systems and processes provide the structure to deliver”.

One thing Global Finance have never lost sight of over the last 19 years is their reason for being – The Customer. In 2015 Global Finance was one of the first financial service advisory businesses to win “Excellence in Customer Service” at the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and ATEED Westpac Auckland Business Awards. The 2016 awards saw them collect the gong for “Marketing” and in the same year, the inaugural Deloittes Fast 50 Award for “Fastest growing mature business”.

“Theses awards and the many other industry ones we have achieved, have always been on behalf of the customers we serve and because of the customers we work for. Our ability to deliver to the founding vision is only because we have been able to meet our customers expectations in a way that is relevant to them. This is why through our 2016 branding refresh we landed on the essence of what we strive for on behalf of the customers – “your best interest”.

This might sound all too familiar in the world of financial services but the fact that Global Finance have sustained an average growth in the customers they serve exceeding 25% per annum over the last 5 years means they are not just talking the talk but walking the walk too.

“We see more customers increasingly experiencing frustration at the lack of service and the inability to get across-the-market advice from traditional providers. Maybe it is a lack of experience or qualification. Maybe it is that they are restricted in what services or products they can provide as the right solution for the customer at the right time we are not sure but what we are sure about is our qualifications and ability to access the breadth of the market and provide the right advice. Our mantra has become “its about advice not price” in the face of large scale advertising that seems attractive but may not be the right option following consultation with the customer and their needs.”

Like all teenagers, Global Finance have not always got it right but these early business life lessons have made them better. Despite being simultaneously awarded by many leading institutions as their largest adviser over the years, Global Finance are constantly looking to improve and it is this attitude that will stand them in very good stead to continue to provide New Zealanders with many more years of excellence in customer service in your best interest.

Happy 19th birthday to Global Finance and all their loyal customers.

About Global Financial Services:

Global Financial Services ltd (Global Finance) is New Zealand’s leading mortgage and insurance broker based in Auckland.
It has arranged approximately $8 billion of mortgages and insurance cover for 5,000+ families since 1999.

For more information, contact:
Darrin Franks – Head of Management Strategy & Partnerships, Global Financial Services
Tel: (09) 255 5500
Email: darrin@globalfinance.co.nz
Website: www.globalfinance.co.nz