Now On The Map As A Major Jewellery Retailer

( The New Zealand online jewellery provider has been sourcing and selling diamonds at highly competitive prices for a while now. The founder has over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the diamond industry, pouring his heart and soul into the business.

Big News For 2018 In Terms Of Sales Figures

Thanks to their uncompromising quality diamonds and good prices, the brand has witnessed a 48% increase in sales. This is a huge hike compared to the prior year so the company wants to keep things moving at the same pace.

How The Year Will Progress For The Industry

According to, things are set to look up in 2018 for the diamond industry. Thanks to the royal engagement, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have put three stone engagement rings back in the spotlight again.

The Brand Shares Secrets For Online Success

Now operating for over 10 years in the digital industry, a huge amount of passion is required. The founder emphasises the need to also keep “up to date with your knowledge and trends”. Hoping to branch into the fancy coloured diamonds niche, the Managing Director Paul Bunker has headed overseas to deepen his knowledge in this area. On the other hand, Claudia Bunker, head of Sales and Marketing, spent 2 weeks in New York last December 2017 to upskill her knowledge in diamonds. It is clear that all the company’s staff, especially those in managerial positions, have a keen interest in continuously updating their knowledge.

This shows how important it is to remain relevant in the online world and truly know what the audience wants. It also enables them to be ahead of the game and pre-empt what consumers may ask. As a result, the company has witnessed a peak in sales and will see continual success in the coming years.

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