Giving kudos and showing appreciation makes for a better workplace

Hailed as the best way to give kudos to your talented employees, nominations are being sought for the Bonfire Employee Appreciation Awards.

The Bonfire Employee Appreciation Awards provide an opportunity for leaders to give kudos and nominate talent to win one of the following awards – Cloud 9 Collaborator, Outstanding Innovator, Humour Magnifier, Wellness Champion and Fast Fresh Starter. There is also a grand prix award called the Most Valuable Employee chosen from the winners of each category and they receive the coveted golden statuette.

“Gratitude and appreciation is the social glue that binds and connects people in work relationships” said Card Works Limited General Manager, Grant Jennings.

The Bonfire Employee Appreciation Awards, judged by an expert panel that include social anthropologist Dr Christopher Howard and culture expert Richard Daubney are announced on International Employee Appreciation Day which is 5 March 2021.

“These awards align with the Bonfire proposition where we believe that showing appreciation should be as natural as taking a breath and this makes the world and the workplace a better place” said Jennings.
Leaders are invited to nominate great talent for an award by going to The winner of each category receives a $1,000 Bonfire Gift Mastercard.

“Because human behaviour is imitative, the more leaders show appreciation, the more it becomes embedded in the culture of an organisation” said Jennings.

In addition to the awards, Card Works Limited provide a training programme with a facilitators guide designed to help organisations implement appreciation into their culture. This program also includes a bonus workshop on how organisations can switch their focus from a tendency to focus on problems and what’s not working well to showing appreciation for the things that are working well to balance the ledger.

Media Release on 16 November 2020

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