Pick the Perfect Pie this Winter with Moreish

(PR.co.nz) Toss away the salad servers and take out your oven mitts – winter is upon us which means it’s time to pick your perfect pie – thanks to Moreish!

For the pie traditionalist, you can’t go past the Moreish Steak Pie. A pure steak pie made using only the finest aged organic beef; this pie is full of flavour and boasts hand cut fresh herbs and vegetables and big pieces of meat – no fatty pieces or nasty jelly fillers here!

Pie purists will also love the Moreish Steak & Cheese Pie – a Kiwi favourite made to perfection, this pure steak pie is made using on the finest aged organic beef. Each batch is slow cooked until the consistency is just right, with a generous handful of freshly grated New Zealand cheese added, melting deliciously into the steak filling. The ideal winter warmer!

And for your traditional steak and cheese with a gourmet twist, Moreish Steak & Blue Cheese Pie is a foodies’ favourite. Thick slices of rich, creamy New Zealand blue cheese blended into the Moreish Steak Pie, you’ll find big, generous pieces of meat encased in seriously moreish pastry.

Melt-in-your-mouth meat is the hero in the Moreish Organic Lamb, Rosemary & Mint Pie. Tender pieces of diced organic lamb, slow cooked to perfect with freshly cut vegetables, rosemary and mint, Moreish organic lamb stock and juicy tomatoes give this pie a base flavour like no other! Real meat pieces melt in your mouth, leaving a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Not to forget chicken lovers, the Moreish Free Range Butter Chicken Pie combines tender slices of fresh free range chicken and a mild sweet butter chicken that’s full of spice flavour without the heat! A taste sensation encased in golden pastry, this is a pie to savour and enjoy with friends and family.

Continue your chicken pie food journey with Moreish Free Range Chicken & Leek Pie. The Moreish version of a British favourite, these chicken and leek pies are royally good! Handmade using tender free range chicken, the combination of sweet leek and a hint of thyme provide the perfect complementary duo for this beautifully decadent pie.

A boutique online butchery, Moreish prides itself on providing quality free range and organic meat delivered fresh to Kiwi homes. A gate to plate concept also ensures full traceability of all Moreish meat, from the moment it leaves the farm through the butchery process until it arrives at your door.

Moreish sources all its beef and lamb from Clarkson Farm, an organic farm in the Manawatu. Clarkson Farm successfully integrates conventional practises with organic, providing plenty of nutritional grass to farm their animals on.

The boutique butchery also works closely with its free range chicken supplier Farmgate Chicken. Farmgate chickens are fed an antibiotic and hormone-free diet and are able to come and go as they please, foraging outside on the farm during the day and returning to the warmth and safety of their barns to roost at night.

Moreish Director, Nicola Boniface, says the Moreish range of pies is the perfect antidote to long, cold winter days.

“We all know how much Kiwis love their pies, so we are thrilled to be able to offer our delicious range of pies to homes across the country,” says Boniface.

“There’s nothing better than a homemade pie during the chilly months, and with steak, lamb and chicken options on offer, there truly is a pie for everyone!”

· Moreish Steak Pie RRP $6.50

· Moreish Steak & Cheese RRP $6.50

· Moreish Steak & Blue Cheese RRP $6.50

· Moreish Organic Lamb, Rosemary & Mint Pie RRP $6.50

· Moreish Free Range Butter Chicken Pie RRP $6.50

· Moreish Free Range Chicken & Leek Pie RRP $6.50

For more information about Moreish, visit www.moreish.co.nz.

Media Release 17 June 2014.