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Police turn up heat on drugs trade

( Police are turning up the heat on criminals in the drugs trade as part of the clamp down on methamphetamine and drug trafficking said National Crime Manager Detective Superintendent Win Van der Velde.

In the last two months of 2009 Police concluded a series of operations targeting methamphetamine manufacturers and distributors.

Over 380 staff worked on twelve operations around the country. The operations resulted in nearly 400 arrests for drug-related offences and the discovery of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of methamphetamine, cannabis, stolen property and property obtained as the result of criminal activity.

Police recovered a large number of firearms, thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods including vehicles, computers and electrical equipment and assets accrued from criminal activity.

“In December alone, provisionally 19 clan labs were discovered and dismantled, bringing the provisional total for 2009 to 137.”

“We know that organised crime is the driving force behind the manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine.

“The work of the last few months will have disrupted organised crime networks in the illicit drugs business,” said Mr Van der Velde.

Mr Van der Velde said the directed focus was part of a specific Methamphetamine Control Strategy.

“This is a national plan to disrupt the supply of methamphetamine, reduce methamphetamine related crime and ensure that profits made through methamphetamine are recovered.

“Police have always taken a strong line against drug related crime and we are now taking advantage of increased enforcement and legislative powers arising from the Government’s tougher stance against methamphetamine.

“New asset recovery legislation has strengthened our ability to divest organised criminals of the profits and assets accumulated through illegal activity and we know that a lot of those profits come from the manufacture of methamphetamine.”

Earlier this year the Government announced a whole-of-government response to tackling methamphetamine. This included more stringent border control, strengthened treatment for methamphetamine addicts and increased enforcement.”

“A whole-of-government approach means that we will be more effective in the battle against methamphetamine and the organised criminals that manufacture and supply it.”

“We will be maintaining this pressure over the coming months and as we move into the cannabis growing season in late autumn.”

Heat on Drugs Trade - Clanlabs Dismantled

Heat on Drugs Trade - Clanlabs Dismantled

Media Release 6 January 2010 from NZ Police



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