Pupcakes bring barking good treats to Kiwi canines

(PR.co.nz) A delectable cupcake for those of the canine variety, Pupcakes are homemade and baked to perfection on Auckland’s North Shore. Using only healthy, high-quality ingredients, dog owners can rest assured that they’re giving their precious pup not only a special sweet treat but a nutritional one too. What’s more – even the fussiest of pooches have been known to lap these up with enthusiasm!

We’re all aware of the benefits that come from spending treasured time with your special canine companion. From lowered blood pressure and stress levels to enhancing your overall well-being with exercise and friendship, owning a dog has so many mental and physical health benefits, and its not uncommon to feel as though your pooch is just another family member.

Pupcakes’ purpose is to help strengthen those bonds and the appreciation you have for your beloved pup, through the act of sharing, rewarding and of course, celebrating. But don’t save special occasions just for birthdays and anniversaries! Pupcakes are the canine treat that can be enjoyed at any time, any place. In fact, Pupcakes 6 or 12 packs are perfect for sharing with your favourite doggy day-care pals!

Recognising that not all dogs are created equal, Pupcakes have developed a delicious recipe that can be enjoyed by canines of all breeds, shapes and sizes. A delectable mixture of human- grade ingredients including rice flour, Pic’s no-salt peanut butter, Arataki honey, carrot, egg, and cream cheese icing – topped with a bone! – make Pupcakes a treat that is hard to resist for any pampered pup. Every Pupcakes cupcake is baked with love at Pupcakes HQ and taste tested by our CEP (Chief Executive Pup) Louie Loo, to ensure each batch is as tasty as the last. (Wondering what makes a great CEP? Follow the face of Pupcakes, Louie Loo, on Instagram @iamlouieloo for updates!)

Ordering Pupcakes for your best furry friend couldn’t be easier. Simply head to pupcakes.co.nz to place an order and find out more about these delicious doggy treats. For news, updates, offers and events/markets that you can find us at, head to @NZpupcakes on Facebook or @pupcakesnz on Instagram. Pupcakes are available in packs of four for $14, six for $21 and 12 for $42. Pupcakes HQ is open seven days a week with pick ups available from Auckland’s North Shore. For delivery, please enquire via our website.

Keen to collaborate? We’re always looking for opportunities to partner with pet stores, doggy day- cares, animal charities, dog-friendly cafes and markets, and pet-focused events! To find out more about how we might be able to make Pupcakes magic together, drop us a line at and let’s talk all things pawtastic!

Media Release on 28 April 2019 by Pupcakes NZ

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