Save My Bacon Ltd launches First TV Ad

( Save my Bacon Ltd, a leading provider of small cash loans in New Zealand, today reaches another milestone in what will be the launch of their first Television advertising campaign, created by another innovative New Zealand based firm, Yukfoo Animation The advert is set to debut during the showing of X Factor USA on TV3. The advert will also be featured on channel TV3 and Four.

Launched in 2010 and registered as a Financial Service provider with membership in the Disputes Resolution Scheme, Save My Bacon has rapidly become one of New Zealand’s most innovative credit providers and has assisted thousands of New Zealanders with their short term cash needs.

Commenting on the creation of the advert, Kent Gillman, CEO, stated “we discussed with Yukfoo in depth what the TV commercial was trying to achieve, our brand identity, what the product was and how it solved short-term cash needs.” Mr Gillman also went on to say that “the key was for the ad to be memorable without introducing too many concepts and to create breathing space between the messages.”

Until now, Save My Bacon Ltd has focused its advertising methods to on-line campaigns and radio advertising specifically in the Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch areas. These radio adverts have been predominantly through TRN and Media Works on stations such as the Edge, the Rock, MaiFM, ZM, Flava and Hauraki. The voice over on the new TV ad
is provided by Tim Raby, the existing radio ad voice over, to maintain consistency and brand identity.

The new TV ad is called “Little loans, no Surprises” and introduces Kevin Bacon (Save My Bacon’s animated mascot or spokes-pig, not Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon) and the Save My Bacon web based loan application platform.

The new 30 second spot begins by introducing Kevin and informing the viewer that when Kevin needs a little loan with no surprises he goes to The theme of the ad “Little loan with no surprises” goes hand in hand with SMB’s brand identity as a lender who takes its obligations as a responsible provider seriously SMB offers loans of up to $500 for 31 days to permanently employed persons that have a take-home pay in excess of $400 per week. It has pioneered a fully online digital application process which is transparent and easy to understand, the benefits of which can be seen from the consistent praise it receives from its customers.

SMB is committed to improving the consumer’s experience in the short-term lending market and establishing new levels of best practice standards for ethical and operational behaviours. To make Save My Bacon Short-term Loans easy to use, fair and clear, SMB always shows the total amount repayable upfront. The fee structure is transparent as shown on the Online Calculator and the Loan Agreement Documents. The Applicant uses the Loan
Calculator on the Save My Bacon homepage to decide exactly how much cash they want to borrow and for how many days they need it for (between 2 and 31). The cost is calculated upfront. The loan amount you can borrow is dependent upon your income and your pay cycle, and it’s that simple.

So kick back, relax, get some popcorn and wait for our advert to come on!

Media Release on 22 November 2012 by Save My Bacon

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Bernadette Grant, Save My Bacon Ltd
Phone: 0800 272 863