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(PR.co.nz) 28 July 2014 Auckland, NZ – Cash loan firm 247Moneybox has worked over the last few years to promote efficiency. “To me”, says Mark Hannay, the COO, “efficiency incorporates a number of other factors than simply reducing overheads and costs”. The firm’s green credentials and environmental awareness are key factors, which the firm has focussed on tackling. The cash loans firm has looked to address these areas through a number of standard and innovative ways, from internal staff training to incorporating social media and the latest green initiatives.

Internal staff training has involved highlighting the areas that each employee can contribute to a reduction in the firm’s carbon footprint. Regular seminars are given where the floor is open for employees to contribute situations where the firm may improve its green credentials. These include simple things like turning off lights in certain areas of the office when not being used and double sided printing of certain documents to save paper. More elaborate ideas have looked at researching green initiatives used outside the consumer cash loans environment which can be transferred.

Employees are shown ways to reduce their impact on the environment both in and out of the office. “This is something that hopefully they can take home with them and further reduce the country’s impact on the environment”, says Hannay. These include sustainable light bulbs, and electronic gadgets which highlight how much energy a household is using.

“I’m proud of how enthusiastically our team has jumped on trying to reduce our impact on the environment”, says Hannay. He goes on to say, “..often the simplest initiatives tend to be the best, upgrading the recycling facilities at the office to ones which offer a wider range of materials which can be recycled, has been really effective.”

The firm has also pushed the paperless working environment initiative. The cash loan company has extensively invested in the firm’s technical infrastructure, now all internal memorandum and documents, as well as clients’ information can be stored online. This ensures that no paper goes to waste in the running of the office.

“The investment in the technical side has certainly improved efficiency, but also helped address the amount of paper we’re using”, says Hannay. “This is a win-win situation for us and are constantly looking for options to further address this issue.

A particular area the company has recently become aware of is the amount thrown away by people in Britain and around the world. There is certainly a throw away culture, where people are more willing to throw things away and buy a new one for even minor aesthetic damage. “We think very hardly if something needs to be discarded and what the best way is to do so if it has to be”, say Hannay.

Media Release on 29 July 2014 by 247Moneybox

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