Win a Year’s Supply of Bread and Milk with Muffin Break!

( Wouldn’t life be sweeter if we didn’t have to constantly top up the daily essentials? Think about how often you nip out here or stop in there for that frequent bread and milk grocery mission. It’s a mundane task that quickly eats into our precious time, however right now, thanks to Muffin Break it could all be taken care of.

Take a moment to recharge and visit your local Muffin Break to be in the draw to win a year’s supply of bread and milk*! To enter, simply pair up a new Gourmet Tartlet with your favourite Muffin Break Coffee before August 10th 2014 and you’re in the draw to having the essential household food items taken care of until mid-2015 – now that’s a heartwarming thought for you, your family and your wallet this winter!

Muffin Break’s new Gourmet Tartlet range (from $6.90) serves as a delicious lunch option that gives your taste buds a little luxury. Generously packed with flavoursome ingredients from your chosen flavour and made with reduced amount of egg, cream and pastry to ensure your lunch is guilt free. .

Your local Muffin Break is the ideal respite for your brunch or midday break, and our freshly-baked savoury and sweet menu offers so much more than just muffins…!

Muffin Break’s Gourmet Tartlet offerings include:

Chicken, Capsicum & Red Pesto
Bacon, Mushroom & Mustard
Ham, Parmesan & Rocket
Capsicum, Leek & Mushroom (V)
Chorizo & Caramelized Onion
Tartlet Lorraine
Cherry Tomato, Rocket & Feta (V)
Chicken & Sweet Chilli
* The prize is valid for two loaves of Nature’s Fresh Bread and two 2L bottles of Meadow Fresh Milk per week for 52 weeks which is a total value of $841.36 RRP.

* Two winners will be announced: one from North Island Muffin Break store entries and one from South Island Muffin Break store entries.

Media Release 30 July 2014.