Say No To Stress Seminar in Auckland

( Global Health Clinics is very excited and pleased to offer people solutions on how to effectively manage their 21st Century Stress Syndrome through their “Say No to Stress” seminar.

The seminar will take place on the 23rd of April 2012 at the Pumphouse, Takapuna, Auckland from 6:45pm to 9:30pm, and will feature four key speakers, as well as a special guest who will share her own journey: Olympian and World Champion Barbara Kendall, Naturopath Eric Bakker B.H.SC, ND, Naturopath David Holden, M.Sc (USA) ND, and Psychologist Amberley Meredith, M.Sc., NZ all stress and lifestyle specialists, as well as Lynn McAlister.

Sick of stress? Many of us are. Without proper care one can go from experiencing stress symptoms to serious illness in a heartbeat. It is estimated that 75-90% of all visits to GP’s are for stress-related problems. With stress management becoming as important as financial management, business management or household management, it is now painfully apparent that our society has taken stress to new extremes, and consequently our health is significantly suffering, as no one is immune.

When people feel stressed they do not take care of their health, they will often eat poorly, not exercise and do not deal with any mental or emotional challenges, pushing them to one side for another day. Being stressed is the result of feeling constricted, stretched or overwhelmed with too many things to do, and not enough time and space in which to achieve them.

In short the absence of a timely and adequate stress management system has a cost. Indeed health costs to cover the expenses of dealing with the physical and mental impacts of stress are estimated to reach around $3.7 billion per annum in New Zealand. Stress creates syndromes like ‘preseentism’ (being disengaged from your job) and absenteeism, which affects 75% of employees.

Finding sources of information about stress is very easy; however knowing what to do about stress is another matter. So, in order to help people whose lives have tipped out of balance, regain their momentum, energy and health, tickets for “Say no to stress” are only $20 (normally $150). As well as $4,200 worth of prizes to be won, each attendee will receive a $25 gift voucher off any stress consultation at Global Health Clinics.
About The Speakers

* After 21 years at the top of international windsurfing, including attending five Olympic Games and winning Olympic medals in three of them, Barbara Kendall knows more than most about overcoming obstacles and achieving your dreams. Barbara is now passionate about helping others achieve their potential by improving their self-awareness and self-management, and controlling their stress level.

∗ Naturopath Eric Bakker works with Dr James Wilson’s stress release system, which focuses on “adrenal fatigue” to identify a specific kind of chronic tiredness that can affect anyone who undergoes frequent, persistent or severe mental, emotional or physical stress. The cause of this fatigue is often not picked up with standard medical diagnostic testing.

∗ Naturopath David Holden M.Sc. will be talking about how Global Health Clinics helps manage stress and outline nutritional products and services, which are available to help people stay healthy. David has been working as a naturopath for 25 years making him one of the most experienced in New Zealand. His assessment equipment is highly effective at determining some of the causes of difficult chronic conditions.

∗ Registered Psychologist and Integrative Therapist Amberley Meredith M.Sc. will be introducing her therapeutic life style programmes aimed at helping people improve their wellbeing by making sustainable changes through adopting long lasting, simple and personalized coping strategies. Amberley uses multiple different therapeutic techniques and believes in combining both energetic and neurological treatments with traditional western psychological therapies.

∗ Lynn McAlister underwent a vitality treatment programme with GHC and went from feeling stressed, extremely tired earlier and lacking self-confidence to a happy and joyful individual. She has boosted her level of self-esteem, learned how to make better decisions and manage her busy life to make it virtually stress-free. Today she thoroughly enjoys life, feels much younger, goes to the gym, wears dresses for the first time in her life, and tests show she has even reduced her biological “age” by 7 years.

About Global Health Clinics

Global Health Clinics is an Auckland-based integrated natural health clinic with a highly skilled team of experienced practitioners dedicated to offering a wide range of therapeutic systems designed to stimulate people’s natural capacity for healing and vitality rather than inhibiting or masking their symptoms.

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Media Release 22 March 2012.