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Seeking Employment in Australia?

( Interested in finding work in Australia? New resource and mining projects are underway in Australia. These projects are creating new jobs that are proving difficult to fill with the looming retirement of the baby boomer’s generation. Australian employers in this industry are considering hiring staff from overseas to work in Australia as they cannot locate them from the domestic market.

Australia is in the midst of a threatening chronic skills shortage. The Australian government in an attempt to address these shortages is working closely with state, territory and local governments and regional authorities. The Government hopes to develop its regional migration programs to address the needs of regional employers and support regional development. In conjunction with this it is also making efforts to streamline its visa application process. To make the most of this skills shortage and streamlined visa application process why not start to search for jobs in Australia to work in Australia.

National Visas has an online jobs database system to help you search for jobs in Australia. The National Visas Job Search allows job seekers to find a job or investigate employment opportunities available and suitable to them in Australia.

With more than 50,000 jobs available online in Australia awaiting now to be filled, National Visas Job Search system can help you access these jobs online.

Just visit National Visas website and click Australian Jobs Search from their menu.

Also, with National Visas Job Search page, you are also provided about the most common Visa Programs that will enable you to work legally in Australia, namely the Skilled Visa Program and the Employer Sponsored Visa Program. Just click on the links beside the program and you will be provided with more info with regards to how to apply for them.

National Visas is also in partnership with This company is a leading online job site dedicated to assisting people from overseas who are in search of employment. The organisation matches overseas job seekers with eligible Australian businesses that are willing and able to sponsor new employees and their families into Australia.

Now, not only can you find a job but you can now also have access to a range of employment resources that could assist you in establishing a new career in Australia.

By utilising the National Visas Job Search system, you can also post your resume on and receive job alerts.

What are you waiting for? Use the National Visas Job Search system now and be one step closer to a better and well-rewarded job in Australia!

If you are interested in looking for to look for jobs in Australia, let National Visas, the expert in Australian Immigration advice and visa applications assist you.

Media Release 12 November 2012.



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