Filipino Hip Hop Rock Artists in Timaru

( Bamboo, Rivermaya, Gloc-9, and Loonie are popular Filipino rock and hip-hop musicians who are coming to Timaru on November 9.

Dubbed as “Hiprock Invasion Live in New Zealand”, the concert will be held at Theater Royal. This concert of Filipino popular music artists is the first of its in Timaru.

Bamboo is a rock musician and singer who was vocalist of bands, Rivermaya in the 90s and Bamboo in 2003. He became known in the Philippines as “Prince of Rock” for his versatility as singer, composer and performer.

Rivermaya was formed in 1994 and became popular during the Philippine alternative rock explosion of the 90s. The band became a pop rock icon of the Philippines through the albums and songs they popularized, locally and all over Asia.

Be entertained while learning Philippine social issues through the famous Filipino award-winning hip-hop rapper, Aristotle Pollistic, popularly known as Gloc-9. He may speak fast like any gangsta rapper but his play of words could awaken your social sense. Co-artists consider Gloc-9 as “a true Filipino poet”.

Loonie is a rapper who talks about day-to-day Filipino life. He captures and expresses honestly his feelings about real life situations through hip-hop songs. Listen to Loonie and perceive why his name stands for Lyrically One of the Nation’s Illest Emcees.

Two more performances are scheduled in North Harbour Stadium, Auckland (November 10) and The Hunter Lounge, Wellington (November 11). Elmer Cabingan is the event’s director.

The South Canterbury Association of Filipinos Inc. promotes this event to raise funds for their on-going projects. The association’s president, Belinda Dewe appeals for support from all sectors.