The love for Kurta Pajama and Jalsa in Punjab

A tall, handsome boy with moustaches, Kurta Pajama & Jalsa…

What could be a better recognition of a Punjabi Gabru????

Obviously, The Gabru’s of Punjab are known for their Kurta, Pajama, and jalsa/jutti outfits all over the world.

Kurta is a long knee or below knee length upper wear that has a slit from either side below the waistline and comes with a full sleeve which is usually rolled up till the elbows by the Gabru’s of Punjab.

Actually, it’s their style.

A kurta paired with loose and flared pajama/ bottoms are the most appealing look to people of Punjab, but you can also pair your Kurta with a nice pair of jeans or lungi to experiment with your looks.

Style up with Jalsa

Jalsa is the famous Punjabi jutti that is made of leather and is one of the most comfortable footwear of all. It is embellished with either gold or silver or both threads that make it look festive and can also be worn during festivals or weddings. The most intriguing and unique feature of the Jalsa is that it has no left or right specifications. It can be worn on either foot.

Gabrus prefer Jalsa with Kurta Pajamas to get a cool look.

Significance of kurta pajama and jalsa for punjabis

Kurta, pajama, and jalsa is the traditional outfit of Punjabi Gabru and is a representation of Punjabi culture. No matter how far in time we have traveled, we are always rooted in the places we belong to.

Hence, even if Punjabis are not regular with traditional outfits because of professional outfits and busy life, they will always need them during the festivals or any time they wish to feel connected to our culture. The entire outfit is the most comfortable choice for the Gabru’s, and it represents Punjab in every part of the world.

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Media Release 7 October 2021.