The Naked Speaker Book

(   Public speaking anxiety, or glossophobia, affects about 73% of the USA population according to the American National Institute of Mental Health reports.

And there’s no reason to doubt the same is true of New Zealanders. So, what can be done about it?

“This is a book for the thousands of nervous or inexperienced public speakers, it has practical tips and guidelines that anyone can implement in any daily situation.” said Diana Thomson, Author of The Naked Speaker; The Public Speaking Recipe Book at the recent book launch .

The Naked Speaker has a relaxed and relatable feeling suitable to the Australasian market. With easy to follow cooking analogies and recipes for speaking, the Naked Speaker is full of stories and fun. Written by someone who has experienced the same fears as the reader, Diana has a genuine desire to help others with their everyday speaking struggles, such as team meetings or presentations. It isn’t aimed at the 1% of the population who has to do a TED Talk or ‘Inspirational Keynote. Rather, its philosophy is that we inadvertently use our public speaking skills every day, and that by becoming more aware of these well used but previously untapped skills, we can build on this existing but hidden talent to become more comfortable and less self-conscious in public speaking situations.

Readers have already said it has practical tips that work, and they will be referring to the book time and again as needed.

Media Release 31 July 2019.