The Queen of Swing Visits NZ

( Swing is the Thing presents The Wellington Lindy Exchange featuring Norma Miller and Adam Brozowski.

For the first time in New Zealand, Norma ‘the Queen of Swing’ Miller visits New Zealand along with top international dancer and teacher, Adam Brozowski. Norma at 97 is one of the last remaining members of the pioneering Lindy Hop dance troupe, Whiteys’ Lindy Hoppers.

Both will be in town for the inaugural WLX on 23rd-25th September. The exchange will feature social and competition dancing as well as a number of swing dance workshops. Of these latter events there are two notable workshops that will be an exclusive and an historical occasion for the Wellington Lindy Exchange.

• The Trickeration masterclass – a rarely taught classic Solo Jazz routine performed by Norma in 1930s at the Apollo Theatre (on Saturday 24th).
• Story time with Norma – a discussion with Norma moderated by Adam that covers the history of swing and Norma’s involvement in Lindy Hop and the progression of the dance. It will feature key insights and first-hand accounts of what life, dancing in the 1930’s, to frequenting the Savoy Ballroom was actually like. A not to be missed, once in a lifetime opportunity (on Sunday 25th).

The WLX will take place at Level 6, 173-175 Victoria Street, Te Aro. For the full programme and further details about the events of the Wellington Lindy Exchange visit