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Top 5 Freeview/Free to Air Receivers for Christmas 2011


5.Sommet SHDNZ3 Digital Terrestrial Receiver

This is a fantastic little unit that won’t break the bank this Christmas. Designed for the Freeview HD terrestrial platform, the unit features a very impressive HDMI output with a super sensitive reception. Overall this receiver offers sharp images with rich and vibrant colours, a great option for the HD platform. Available from Freeviewshop $129

4. UltraPlus 900HD micro PVR

The focus on quality is evident in the UltraPlus 900HD which offers the latest in recording and network technology along with full HD 1080P HD output. The result is a very impressive unit offering incredible picture detail and fast motion handling. Though only a single tuner PVR, when connected to an external HDD, the 900HD can impressively record up to three channels while watching another and picture in picture on a further channel (provided that channels are limited to one transponder). Available from Freeviewshop $379

3. UltraPlus 700HDMI PVR

The UltraPlus 700 is a very stylish compact unit, easy to use and packed with all the latest features at an amazing price. The unit features an impressive HDMI connection for an ultra sharp picture. Menus and graphics are modern, sharp and flicker free. The unit also offers the very latest PVR capabilities when used with a HDD, time shift recording allows you to pause a live broadcast and return to it moments or hours later and continue where you left off.

2. Magic TV MTV3700TD

From the start you will be impressed with the design of this unit, ultra modern in black glossy lacquer, a stylish addition to any living room. Perhaps, even more impressive is that this receiver is also hard to beat in terms of its ease of use and high end recording features along with its full 1080P output.

With twin tuners and an impressive 1TB internal HDD it is capable of recording two channels simultaneously while you watch a third. The receiver is also capable of setting repeat recordings allowing you to catch entire series and more. The receiver records in broadcast quality allowing playback in the highest quality possible.

Another rather exciting feature of this unit is the so called “magic” remote capable of controlling your TV also meaning that you only need one remote for everything. The remote also detects the dark and conveniently lights up for you.

The intuitive High Definition user interface gives viewers total control over all the digital High Definition and Standard Definition TV services. Features include Live Pause enabling viewers to pause live TV and catch up at their leisure; Repeat recordings that allow viewers to catch entire series and more. You can add bookmarks to recordings and skip between them, or trim out whole sections of unwanted footage.

1. And the number one must have receiver this Christmas is…
UltraPlus X-9200HD PVR

The UltraPlus X-9200HD PVR is streets ahead and is tipped to be a best seller this Christmas. Its slim line modern design is combined with state of the art software packed with features.

The unit features twin tuners that can simultaneously record up to 3 channels while watching another. With full 1080P resolution, this unit offers amazing picture quality. Ahead of other units on the market, the X-9200 also offers the ability to access YouTube and features a handy web browser to surf the net. Unlike the Tivo or Magic TV, this receiver can also skip through ads and in addition, the network and file transfer options surpass any other unit on the market.

Available now at Freeviewshop $795
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