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Torrents Go Live for New Zealand

( “This is a first for New Zealand, it finally has its own Torrents search engine website. Many may say that torrents have been around on the internet for a long time now, millions of people use torrents every day, but a website for New Zealand listing all the latest torrents is a new thing.

So why use

We have setup the Torrents website to be easy to use, no annoying pop-ups as seen on many other torrent websites, no misleading links and guaranteed up to the minute downloads. The website is easy to use and always being updated.

Since the launch of, we have been tracking and adding to our database thousands of torrent files for you to download, all for free, no yearly, monthly, weekly fees at all. Just search, click and download.

While using any download service like this, caution must be used in what files you download as sometimes the content may be copyrighted, like music by certain bands or groups, or movies. However, there are thousand, if not millions of uncopyrighted files, including music, movies, software, games and images available for download, all for free.”

Media Release 13 June 2010.



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