Unimarket Boosts Buyer and AP Efficiency

(PR.co.nz) Unimarket, an innovator in eProcurement and spend management solutions, announced today new system upgrades that provide customers with an even more intuitive user experience and deliver pertinent data at a glance. The newest release – Unimarket 5.0 – will be officially available next week.

Unimarket 5.0 will introduce a new “dashboards” framework, a fresh layout for viewing the system’s Buyers, Suppliers, Procurement, and Performance pages, that presents data and functionality in easy-to-use tabs and with an even more intuitive flow. In the Procurement dashboard, key spend data is at the forefront, displayed in configurable charts and graphs, so that spend managers can get the information they need quickly and easily. Additional functionality has been incorporated throughout each of the dashboards – from improved monitoring of procurement and approval processes, to reducing the number of clicks needed to get to a favourite supplier’s catalogue – giving users easy access to the tools and information they need. The release will also introduce updated invoicing page layouts, as well as increased ease-of-use for registering individuals within the system. Additional dashboards for contracts, sourcing, and more invoicing developments are slated for the coming months.

“Unimarket is relentlessly focused on making its already-intuitive software even more user-friendly,” said Justin Gillion, Product Manager for Unimarket. “Our system was built with user experience in mind, and we continue to roll out improvements that increase efficiency and make procurement professionals’ jobs a little bit easier. The latest release does just that.”

The updates to Unimarket’s system follow the company’s ongoing objective of making the source-to-settle process as simple and easy as possible for their customers. To learn more about Unimarket’s unified suite of procurement tools, please visit http://bit.ly/2gc014o.