Verité Spa Organics Releases New Product Range

( Auckland skincare company Verité Spa Organics has launched an innovative new range of all-natural products containing a proprietary blend of bioactive phytobotanicals. Formulated by owner and aromatherapist Janin Dei-Conti, this unique range is designed to specifically target the skin issues that are most commonly caused by today’s environment and modern lifestyle. The active ingredients, which include organic alpine botanicals, prebiotics and antioxidants, produce benefits such as:

· Hydration

· Stress relief

· Skin brightening

· Protection from pollution

· Skin microbiome repair

· Anti-ageing

Janin says, “I spent a year choosing all the ingredients to create a standout range that would be more active than our current range while still being organic, nourishing and gentle on skin, and that would seriously address the issues of the modern woman.”

The Skin Defence Phyto+ range

The Skin Defence Phyto+ range comprises five products designed primarily for use by women aged from 25 to 45, but of course can be used by anyone.

· Bright New Day Renewal Serum – brightens the skin, promotes cellular renewal and improves skin elasticity.

· Everyday Perfect Daily Moisturiser – locks in hydration and brightens the skin

· Good Night Recovery & Repair Sleep Mask and Moisturiser – uses prebiotics and hydrating botanical ingredients to encourage radiance and balance the skin’s microbiome

· Honey Gelée Cleanser – uniquely textured oil to milk cleanser , lightly exfoliates to improve skin circulation and promote healing.

· Radiance Dew Skin Perfecting Brightening Tonic – hydrates and protects the skin from stress and pollution.

The Skin Defence Phyto+ packaging is also specially designed to enhance the product’s user experience. “Each box has a positive message on it, and it is designed to fall out like petals from the outer casing. We created it this way to make every aspect of opening the product a beautiful experience, and so that it’s easier to recycle or keep folded up in your drawer for reference,” says Janin.

Where to buy Skin Defence Phyto+

Skin Defence Phyto+ is currently stocked exclusively by SO Spa at the new SO hotel Auckland (who also use Verité for their in room amenities), where they use it in their Skin Defence – Age Defying Luminescence Facial.

It is also available online from the Verité Spa Organics website: www.

Media Release 4 May 2019