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Vineyardstore Providing Accessories For Vineyard Plantations

( has come up with a range of quality accessories useful in vineyards. As most winegrowers know, planting and tending a vineyard is a laborious and difficult process. For best results, planters should use high quality equipment as they directly influence the crop and this in turn affects the business.

Poles are one of the most important equipment. They support vines. The best poles are made of galvanized steel. The reason most winegrowers choose galvanized poles is their durability. These accessories for vineyards last for years. Durability is very important because the vine plants take years to grow and less durable poles for vineyards corrode or break easily.

Planters may also use carbon steel poles. They can purchase these poles from for vine training. These poles are strong, corrosion resistant, and lightweight. Wood poles are also popular among winegrowers. Wood polesare less weather proof than galvanized poles and carbon poles, but they are more eco friendly and offer a more natural look to the vineyard. Wood poles are often used by winegrowers in cooler climes where the warmth of the wood offsets the cold somewhat and helps in faster growth of vines.

Another crucial type of equipment is the wire used for creating a trellis for vine plantation. Wires for vineyards should be strong and corrosion resistant just like the poles. Galvanized wires are preferred for their strength and durability while carbon steel wires are strong, lightweight, and corrosion resistant.

At, those looking for accessories for vineyards will find many types of poles and wires with different stretch factors. Stainless steel wires are also popular due to their strong rust resistance properties.

For keeping this system of wires and poles together in a trellis formation, the planter needs various accessories. Hooks, for example, are used for a variety of applications. Two wire rows are joined using special hooks, and offers special biodegradable hooks that degrade naturally once the vine has achieved the desired growth. Besides hooks, sells a variety of accessories for vineyards.

The website also sells a great variety of wire connectors and clips. These accessories for vineyards are used for fixing broken or crooked wires or attach two wires. To align wires to the pole, the planter needs brackets and shelves. Another type of accessories for vineyards includes anchors that hold the network to the ground. These accessories and equipment are the lifeline of vineyards. also offers services such as delivery of new accessories and disposal of the old ones.

Media Release 8 October 2011.



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