Web Digital Provides Business-Focused Website Development Solutions

(PR.co.nz) Web Digital is a web design company that specializes in providing user-friendly designs, CMS and fixed website packages, premium hosting packages and stunning websites to small and medium sized businesses in Auckland. As a company that offers business-focused website development solutions, Web Digital is capable of building reliable and cost effective websites that prompt action and get found in the SERPs.

According to studies, 75% of web users say that they could tell whether a business is reliable or not based on the design of their business website. Customers are more likely to buy from businesses with good credibility. A poorly designed website can make businesses lose customers. On the other hand, a high quality website design can help showcase the business as trustworthy and legitimate. Web Digital not only creates a modern, professional and stylish website design Auckland. They also make sure that the site is built on a robust platform using the web design industry’s best practices. All websites created by the company are easy to modify and update.

Web Digital also builds in scalability from the start, which makes the navigation simple and ensures that people can find the website. Each site is optimised for conversions, allowing website visitors to make a purchase, contact the business and provide their contact information with ease. Web Digital starts by discovering as much as possible about their clients. This includes knowing their objectives, products and services, customers and what they want the website to attain and how to measure success. Web Digital then delivers a results-driven solution at a fixed cost to make planning and budgeting easier for their customers. They also provide unlimited technical support from their Auckland-based team.

Web Digital’s website design Auckland can help improve conversions as well. Making changes to the website is easy. The website acts like a digital business card, so businesses need to make sure that their design reveals their marketing efforts. It’s best for the website design to be consistent in order for the conversion to continue from the first contact of prospects offline. This also means stating the brand’s message to continue the conversion. A visual presentation plays an important role in the core message of a brand, so the web design should be capable of conveying a lot about the brand. It should leave a good first impression on prospective customers.

The design is not only a visual presentation of the website. It includes the user interface, the usability and site architecture. Once these aspects are improved, businesses can expect a lower abandon rate,

improved conversions and more referrals and traffic. Customers are also more likely to stay on the website and make a purchase. Web design has an indirect and direct effect on the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, so it is even more important that businesses invest in a high quality website design that delivers results. Web Digital works to provide the exact solution that small and medium businesses need at a price they can afford.

Media Release 2 October 2017.