Wellington Bikini Freaky Friday Gig at Caroline

(PR.co.nz) Two events of historical significance will occur in January 2017.

The first of them is the “Bikini Freaky Friday Beach Party” at Caroline in Wellington, New Zealand, on the evening of 13th of January.

The other is exactly a week later – the inauguration of President Trump to the Whitehouse.

Both have epochal significance and potentially atomic repercussions. 
Which of these events will prove to be the most important only time will tell…

* * * * *
The first of these events features three of Wellington’s premiere musical acts, a video release, DJ TV Disko, and half price entry to anyone dressing for the beach party theme. Burkinis are welcome.

The line-up:-

Polar Extremes:

Psychedelic Noir Pop & Sci-Fi Soul.
Drums, bass, guitar, keys & vocals.
Having achieved radio play on various stations up and down NZ – notably for songs “Stress” and “Sweet Sixteen (Stay Positive)”, the live unit has been formed in the last year with the aim of gigging and touring throughout 2017.
Two album releases are in the pipeline, and also a number of music videos to follow the two that are already online – both current videos have over 10,000 views on youtube.
Within the music, sharp song writing meets a mysterious time-traveling mix of acoustic/organic playing and technological jiggery pokery.
“Morrissey, on acid, surfing the dark web.”

Yor Cronies:

“…are a band, musics good enough to be heard, though the opinion is biased, maybe you’ll enjoy listening to them, come along expecting disappointment and we will never disappoint”
A 3 piece folk-punk outfit with comfortingly unsettling personal lyrics, they are poised to release their debut album in February.

Gold Medal Famous:

A three piece outsider electro-pop act founded in Wellington in 2008. Known for their polarising live performances, you either love them or hate them. Signed to Auckland indie label, Gold Medal Famous is currently working on their sixth album “Activity” which follows 2015’s “Deep In The Heart of Saturday Night”. Gold Medal Famous are prolific recorders with 28 releases available on their own bandcamp page.
…In 2016 Gold Medal Famous played Woodcock, four shows in Melbourne, one show at Merry-Go-Round in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Auckland and numerous gigs in Wellington.

* * * * *
For the second event on the 20th – “The Trumpocalypse” – the line-up features a range of neo-fascists, climate-change deniers, oil industry moguls, racists, misogynists, holocaust initiators and general wastes of human space.
I know which event I would rather pay $10 to witness.