Return of Wesleyan Church in Christchurch

( On 1 June 2017, the Code of Compliance Certificate was issued for The Well Church now occupying the repaired and restored building at 7 Waverley Street in Sydenham.

The Well, a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand, purchased the earthquake-damaged former clubrooms of the Sydenham Rugby League Football Club in August 2015 and embarked on extensive repair and renovation works to bring the building up to the current building code and make it a welcoming place of worship.

This is another significant event in the post-earthquake regeneration of Sydenham. Not only is there a great new facility for the community life of the borough, but The Well marks a return of the Wesleyan tradition last seen at the former Sydenham Methodist Church, whose site is just a few steps away at the corner to Colombo and Brougham Streets.

“This event marks the renewal of a tradition in Sydenham dating back to 1878 when the old Sydenham Methodist Church first opened. At one point, Sydenham Methodist Church was a thriving congregation of 600-700 people who were not only active in worship, but also in community development and social renewal efforts before closing in 1971. This is a remarkable legacy and one we at The Well hope to honour by carrying forward for this and future generations.” – Rev. Clint Ussher, Pastor, The Well

The Well began services in 2013 at Beckenham School Hall and is a vibrant congregation consisting largely of young people and young families. It was the first South Island church of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand (WMCNZ), which was founded in 2001. Today the WMCNZ has 27 member churches, including The Well in Christchurch, Church 360 in Waimakariri District, and Journey Church in Dunedin.

The Well hosts worship services each Sunday at 10am at their new home facilities in Sydenham. All are welcome!

Media Release 6 June 2017.