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New ANZ Data Centre

( ANZ New Zealand’s new state-of-the-art, world class data centre in Auckland is a $78 million investment in New Zealand.

The 4000 metre² purpose-built centre houses what is believed to be the most advanced data centre in New Zealand and sets the benchmark for such facilities. It was officially opened by Commerce Minister Simon Power today.

“The new on-shore ANZ New Zealand Data Centre supports more than 40 per cent of the country’s financial transactions, such as EFTPOS, ATM and online banking for the ANZ and The National Bank,” says ANZ New Zealand’s Chief Executive Officer, Jenny Fagg.

“The $78 million investment represents a real commitment to New Zealand and to our customers. Having robust and stable technology systems underpinning our operations is imperative to expanding our growth and improving our service.

“With the new, improved data centre we are ensuring the security of our customers’ banking, finances and insurance information well into the future.

“The new data centre will increase ANZ New Zealand’s capacity to support future business growth. The facility complements the ANZ Group’s data centres in Melbourne and Asia, which is fundamental to ANZ’s super regional strategy.

“The data centre will be an integral part of all of ANZ New Zealand’s banking systems including retail banking systems (branch, EFTPOS, ATM and online banking), corporate and institutional banking and transactions. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week which mirrors the hours ANZ New Zealand customers can transact with the bank. The centre is energy-efficient and economises power consumption.

“The construction took 225 tonnes of structural steel, 200 tonnes of reinforcing steel, 5,000 tonnes of concrete (equates to 400 truck-loads) and 19kms of earthing cable and 24kms of sub-mains cabling.
“Its operating philosophy follows the principle of ‘no single point of failure’. This means that all of the IT processes are duplicated so that if one system, such as a data network or the power shuts down, the back-up system takes over seamlessly,” Jenny Fagg says.

The data centre was completed on time and within budget in 11 months from commission to construction, fit-out and testing.

ANZ New Zealand comprises ANZ, The National Bank, Direct Broking, UDC, Bonus Bonds, Eftpos New Zealand and ING NZ.

Media Release 14 April 2010 from ANZ National Bank.
Contact: Gita Parsot, Senior Manager, External Relations, 027-277-3139.



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