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Local Businesswoman for Palmerston North Council

( Today, local business woman Niki Gunning announced her decision to stand for Council with Palmerston North City.
Through her large networks in the business community Niki has experienced first-hand the challenges businesses face and the value they can create in our community.
Gunning wants to provide a credible business voice on council to champion a richer community for all. “A productive business base is such a building block for the creation of a thriving & sustainable community for all, and yet I see more business people questioning whether doing business in Palmerston North has become too hard”, says Gunning.
Locals know that Palmerston North is a great place to raise a family however Gunning has real concerns for a future where that there won’t be the jobs our children and grandchildren want, in order for them to stay in our region.
Ms Gunning believes it would be detrimental to our wider community to lose further businesses from the city, and wants to work with council to ensure we attract and retain sustainable businesses in our region.
Gunning believes the wellbeing of our people begins with family and meaningful work or engagement. “Without business we lack the opportunities to provide people with that work. We have fantastic businesses here, many leaders in their fields, and I want to make sure we keep them here while also attracting new business into the region.”
Ms Gunning has travelled around the country and witnessed first-hand the initiatives other regions are taking to build their local business community. “I talk to business people a lot and they often say that the relationships they have with local council is critical. It is about changing our thinking and asking how will decisions made, impact on local business and community now and in the long term future”.
Proliant is a recent success where the power of council leaders and business working together will positively enhance the community.
Niki Gunning is currently reaching out to businesses people who want to discuss the challenges they face and identify what better support they believe is needed from council. Niki hopes this will be a first step in opening the communication channels between business and council for the betterment of all.
‘It is about meeting in the middle – unreasonable requests create unreasonable reactions and no one gets anywhere. We need open communication and from that hopefully decisions can be made that enhance both the cities business and its people.”
Published author, professional speaker and personal success coach Niki resides in Palmerston North along with her husband Andre, himself a local businessman, and her five children. Niki has a strong passion for business and community in which she lives and works.



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