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New Zealand Event Challenges Youth Drinking Culture Over New Years

( With the New Year’s holiday period fast approaching, New Zealand’s young people are finalising plans for what they’ll be doing. While the traditional viewpoint is that this will be fuelled by alcohol and drugs, one large scale event wants to challenge the youth concept that you can’t have a great time without alcohol & drugs. Primal Getaway is an event that provides 4 days & 4 nights of entertainment including live bands, beach missions, community & inspirational messages.

Situated in the heart of Coromandel in the beautiful Cooks Beach, Primal Getaway sets to provide a place for young people to come and be in a safe environment free from the typical New Years antics, but with entertainment that will have them coming back year after year. It runs from 29 December 2011 to 2 January 2012.

Most participants are aged between 14 and 25.

Event Director, Matthew Buchan, 25 said, “While it’s a drug & alcohol free environment, we want to show young people that you can still have a great time with their friends, and have them come away from a New Years that has equipped and empowered them, not left them with regrets or endangered them in anyway”.

Primal Getaway appeals to a wide range of New Zealand youth which combines Christian prayer and music with activities such as surf missions, Dance Competitions, Skate Ramps, Beach Missions, and inspirational and uplifting messages from top youth communicators.

This year Avalanche City, with the hit single ‘Love, Love, Love’, will be performing, alongside various other musical and dance acts.

More information on Primal Getaway can be found at

Media Release on 7 September 2011 from Primal Getaway

Company Information:
Primal Youth
Jay Kesry
+64 9 579 1716




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