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Projected Unemployment Figures by 2015 And What That Means For The Average Joe

( According to the UK Daily Mail, the unemployment rate in the UK will rise to 10% in 2015. These figures are mirrored in the Wall Street Journal making it the same forecast for the US. The “Hard Times Gazette” estimates this at 11%. Since the US and the UK are two of the largest economies worldwide, it stands to reason that similar figures can be expected everywhere.

Reuters Blogs state: “Since the recent recession began, millions of workers have become discouraged and temporarily given up on finding a job. The labor participation rate has declined from 66.4 percent in 2007 to 63.7 percent in January. Suppose participation recovers to that 2007 level by January 2020. This trend coupled with population growth at the average rate seen between 2003 and January this year would call for almost 200,000 new jobs a month just to hold the unemployment rate – 8.3 percent as of January – steady.”

This does not look good. And even if the economy recovers, the unemployment rate will most likely not. A lot of jobs are being made redundant because of technology. The quote above also begs the question: Where will 200,000 new jobs per month come from?

And with so many people unemployed, will the government be prepared to carry the load? The New Zealand government is already making noises of reducing the number of people on welfare. If you are receiving welfare in New Zealand, you need to make 20 job applications per week to be able to stay on welfare.

Clearly the answer is not in the creation of 200,000 or more jobs per month. It is time humanity realises once and for all that they can’t put their faith in the government. Instead of wanting a “secure” job like they’ve been taught, the Average Joe should realise there is no such thing, and make sure they educate themselves in subjects like business, marketing, and finance.

The future will be online. Large companies will employ a limited number of people and will outsource most of their tasks. Only physical businesses like electricians, plumbers, mechanics, hairdressers and restaurants will have business premises. All other businesses are going online only and their workers, if they have any, will work from home.

As for the Average Joe: His or her future is in making sure they have a qualification in one of the “physical” businesses if they want a job, having a skill that can be outsourced or having a home business.

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