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Recycle Those Ink Cartridges

( Kevin Van Den Berg, Director of Inkworks Ltd, reports on an important directive from the Ministry for the Environment dealing with the recycling and remanufacturing of printer ink cartridges.

“Don’t throw your used ink cartridges away,” says Kevin. “Rather take them to a company that will either recycle or remanufacture them. This has the effect of reducing waste and toxicity to landfill which has a major impact on the environment. Always check the label on your new ink cartridge for the following:-

1) It should carry an “ecolabel” e.g. Environmental Choice NZ or Good Environmental Choice (Australia) or Ecomark (Japan) etc.
2) It should also indicate that it is either recycled or remanufactured.
3) It should carry a warranty of guaranteed performance.

The Ministry also recommends that you reduce your demand for printing by using electronic copies of documents rather than paper copies or by re-setting margins and fonts to improve printing efficiency.

The direct benefits to the environment and society in general are as follows:-

• Diverting plastic and metal waste away from landfill
• Help support a viable market for materials recycling
• Reduce resource extraction and manufacturing-related impacts
• Reduce net energy use and contribution to climate change

For many laser printer models, when the toner cartridge is replaced, the whole print engine is being replaced, which is extremely wasteful without some form of remanufacturing or recycling.
Besides helping the environment, you are also helping your pocket! Recycled print cartridges are much cheaper than brand new ones!”

Source: Ministry for the Environment:

Kevin says: “Bring your used ink and laser cartridges to us for recycling and remanufacturing. We have outlets in Glenfield, Henderson and St Lukes for your convenience.”

Media Release 22 October 2011.



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