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Successful Independent Queenstown Women’s Fashions Retailer Opens Online Store

( Decode is an independent women’s clothing and accessories retailer based in Queenstown, New Zealand. The store has been operating since 2005 and is a fixture of Queenstown’s high-street retailers. Decode specializes in ethically sourced women’s fashions and home accessories from local designers.

The mission statement at Decode since its founding has been to “celebrate our own people and their diverse interpretation of design.” To Maree Cross, the founder of Decode, that is more than just an empty slogan. For over 13 years Decode has proudly featured collections from local designers and artists from the Wakatipu region as well as high quality New Zealand made fashion, lighting, homeware and jewelry.

Despite their high-minded goals of supporting local artisans and ethically sourcing their fabrics, the team at Decode takes a decidedly light-hearted approach to high-end women’s fashions. In the words of Maree Cross: “Let’s not be too precious about Fashion ladies!! Lighten up…we are not what we wear but clothes sure can make us feel better about ourselves, no matter our shape and size!!” The goal at Decode is to disrupt the typical stuffy high-street boutique experience by making shopping fun, accessible to everyone and more inclusive to ladies of all ages and body-shapes.

In a world of bottom-dollar mass-produced fashions created in overseas sweatshops and sold for quick consumption, the continued success of Decode as an independently owned and operated, 100% homegrown business is an inspiration and a source of pride for many in the community. To keep up with growing demand Decode has recently started an online web store highlighting the many excellent fashions and accessories from New Zealand based designers.

Now women from all over the world can access the carefully curated collections of clothes, homewares, soft furnishings, bedding, lighting, jewelry and other objects of beauty at

Media Release on 23 April 2017 by Decode Queenstown

Media Contact

Maree Cross, Decode Queenstown
Phone: +6434413094



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