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The Ultimate Business

( How would you like to lead or work for a business that has the following qualities?

1. Intensely loyal customers-the type always recommending you to others, spending more money on more of your products than other customers, easy to get on with due to a great relationship built over time and based on mutual respect.

2. Committed employees with loyalty that match your customers, passionate about what they do, always looking for more efficient and effective ways to do things, more than happy to share their ideas and play a role in the development of your customer experience and most importantly totally focused on finding more ways to add greater value to what you deliver to your customers.

3. Systems and processes that are totally customer focused making your customers’ lives easier and always looking at what you do and how you do it from the customers’ perspective.

4. A steady flow of high quality job seekers that have heard about your culture they knock on your door with an attitude that working for one of your competitors would only ever be a plan B.

5. Competitors who are frustrated, continually trying to figure out how you are gaining such a major share of your market even as they continually under cut your prices.

No, it not a dream. New Zealand business now has the opportunity to create a business culture that delivers these qualities. In fact there are businesses that are close to this now according to Chris Bell, Managing Director of Customer Experiences, a company that specialises in the development of high quality customer experiences.

People want to work for organisations that put their people first and have a total customer focus. These organisations understand that great customer experiences are not delivered by disengaged employees, they are delivered by people that are fully supported, passionate and committed.

Bell says the first step for the leadership of an organisation is to make the commitment to a long-term strategy. Customer Experiences has just released a two day customer experience development program that addresses the “how”. The CED program can be run both as a public seminar and in-house.

For further information contact Chris Bell at,, or mobile 027 2792 360.

Media Release 5 August 2010 from Customer Experiences.



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