ANZAC Stamp Issue

( Scenes of ANZAC Day commemorations over the last 70 years are captured in ‘Remembrance’, the latest ANZAC stamp issue by New Zealand Post.

The six stamps, with images dating back to 1940, reflect how people have marked the sacrifices our ANZAC heroes and their families made for our country.

“This stamp issue honours the courage, tenacity and loyalty of those who fought for freedom all around the world,” said Ivor Masters, General Manager Stamps. “We are proud to issue these special stamps and recognise that, for New Zealanders, 25 April will always be a day of remembrance.”

Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association Chief Executive Dr Stephen Clarke, who worked with New Zealand Post during the development of the stamp issue, said: “These stamps capture the different ways people choose to commemorate and remember those who served our nation. The 25th of April is a day for people to take the time and stop to think about ANZAC Day and what it means to them.”

The 2010 ANZAC ‘Remembrance’ stamp issue also recognises that those who made the ultimate sacrifice are remembered in many countries in many ways.

One of the two 50 cent stamps features the silhouette of a modern day soldier wearing a ‘lemon squeezer’ hat, adopted in World War I and worn by New Zealand troops until 1962. Army representatives wear these hats at ANZAC Day events to signify, remember and honour those who died in battle, as well as those who returned, after serving their country.

The other 50 cent stamp shows a group of Gallipoli veterans marching on ANZAC Day in 1958. For the medal-wearing veterans, the act of marching is especially significant as it rekindles the memories of marches and esprit de corps of their service years.

The $1.00 stamp depicts an image from the posthumous Victoria Cross award ceremony in 1943 for Second Lieutenant Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa Ngarimu, the first Maori to be awarded the Victoria Cross. The posthumous Victoria Cross award symbolises remembrance for recipients’ families, comrades and the countries for which they fought.

The dawn service is often followed by a citizens’ service, speeches and the laying of wreaths. The $1.80 stamp is of a wreath being laid by New Zealand nurses at Cairo Cemetery on 25 April 1940.

The $2.30 stamp shows the ANZAC War memorial at Port Said in Egypt. This was unveiled in 1932 and is symbolic of the recognition and remembrance of New Zealand’s military efforts overseas.

The Sangro War Cemetery in Cheti, Italy, contains more than 2,600 graves of soldiers from the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth, who died during World War II. Among them are 355 New Zealanders, whose lives are remembered by other New Zealanders who visit the cemetery to reflect, lay poppies and attend memorial services. The $2.80 stamp shows Veteran Rei Rautahi visiting Sangro War Cemetery in 2007.

The ANZAC series; Remembrance range of products includes a 6 stamp issue, a first day cover and a miniature sheet booklet (written by Dr Stephen Clarke, CEO of the RNZRSA) telling the story of each stamp image. A unique bilingual (Maori and English) date stamp has also been created for this issue. The ANZAC stamp products are available for purchase now at New Zealand PostShop outlets, REAL Aotearoa stores in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington, the Wanganui Collectables and Solutions Centre and online at

Media Release 19 April 2010 from NZ Post.