Auckland Dogs Too Chubby

( Pet Angels- Heavenly Pet Care

“Auckland dogs are a bit chubby“, says Lena da Fonseca owner of Pet Angels Auckland North. “They lack exercise, and that’s where we come in”. Pet Angels is a professional pet care company offering dog walking, cat feeding, house sitting and more. We all know how hard it can be to get out there with the dog when it is cold and dark or raining outside, but our dogs need the exercise. “Walking is essential for dogs wellbeing, they read the news when sniffing around it keeps their body and their brain exercised” explains Lena.

All Angels can be booked online which makes it really easy and convenient for us busy city people. When asked about security we learn that all Angels are police and reference checked, trained and insured so pet owners have complete peace of mind. We all love our pets and that is why we love seeing them bouncing around fit and healthy. “You can think of it like a personal trainer for your pooch” laughs Lena, “the dogs love getting out and about with their owners, our Angels are the next best thing for them”.

Pet Angels has been established in Wellington by pet lovers Lisa Casagranda and Laura Humphreys in 2006 and is going nationwide this year. So far there are 40 Pet Angels in Auckland Central and on the North Shore; they can be easily identified as all Angels are wearing a bright orange t-shirt and a cap.

Don’t despair if your family does not include a dog but cats, Pet Angels do look after them too. “We come and feed cats in their own home, so they don’t stress” explains Lena ”it’s a new concept and it’s really appreciated by cat owners, we are like the good neighbor when you don’t have a good neighbor”. The pricing of all services vary depending on the time it takes for an Angel to complete the assignment, you can get your dog walked from as little as NZ$ 20 a day, which is a good investment if you think of the high vet bills an overweight pooch can run up and cat feeding starts from NZ$ 20 per feed and includes up to four cats.
“Our mission is to make the world a happier place for pets” says Lena, and from what we can see they are achieving it.

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