Cecil Turbine Returns with Jane McArthur


Cecil Turbine originated in the south island NZ and is Pretty-Noise, as sad and absurd as it is loud. Somewhere between Sigur Ros and James Blake, his strange rambling lyrics, odd grooves, and indulgent dynamics never stray too far from pop sensibilities.

With loops feeding into loops Cecil Turbine creates soundscapes of complex chaos, every listener hears different melodies almost collaborating with the songs to make something unique for them.

After a three-year hiatus from recording her own music, singer-songwriter-guitarist Jane McArthur launched a new single ‘Old Soul Stuff’ on 21st November 2019. The soul piece showcases McArthur’s trademark smokey vocals with an uplifting take on that ‘old soul’ feeling. It’s an early-release track from a new album scheduled for recording in 2020. For the single and new album, Jane is playing with a kiwi expats Sam Healey (bass) and John Adams (drums).

The eclectic party of Cecil Turbine and Jane McArthur return to the South Island NZ again this summer. The pair toured the South Island in the summer of 2018_19, playing some 25 dates in just over a month. With a warm reception from locals, the pair look forward to bringing some new music back this January, with local drummer John Adams on board for the last half of the tour.

Media Release 6 January 2019.