Cheapties Announces Launch of New Zealand's Innovative First Monthly Necktie Club to High Anticipation

( Men’s fashion experts broadly agree, for a man who likes to dress well, having too many ties is never a problem. What can be a concern is finding the time, or a shop with the selection to keep one’s tie collection sharp and up to date. Fortunately, in New Zealand this problem is now a thing of the past. Cosy Touch Limited trading as The Trouser Room, recently announced the launch of, an innovative and affordable monthly tie club, that’s the first of its kind in New Zealand. With a great selection, high quality ties and superior customer service the new club is off to a quick start.

“A few months ago, I watched one of the most viewed TED video- The paradox of choice from Psychologist Barry Schwartz, I got the topic that men did not like to make choices. And I had an idea, why not help them to choose? So I found Cheapties membership club and give men a way to easily choose ties and look their best,” commented Joanna Zhou, owner of the company. “Our goal has been to make it easy and fun to choose styles, and to keep membership affordable. We really feel we’ve accomplished this and the best is yet to come. Don’t forget a well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

According to Cheapties, members can not only very easily see the styles with the innovative 3D silk tie eBook reader available on the Cheapties website, but they can also see them first hand at The Trouser Room retail space, located at centre Place mall in Hamilton, New Zealand. This is a break from many other web based small businesses, which hardly ever have the ability to share their products with customers in the real world before they place orders.

Setting up a membership on Cheapties is quite simple and requires only a three step process. First a new member picks the style of ties they like most, next they select their CheapTies plan and finally they receive their stylish neckties sent every month, with free shipping to all NZ customers.

Memberships range from $25 a month, to $49 a month depending on the plan chosen. For a limited time only a $9 trial membership is being offered to allow interested men to see the high quality of the service and ties first hand at a very low price. Members are free to cancel their membership at anytime, making joining completely risk free.

About Cosy Touch Limited
Founded in 2012 in Hamilton, NZ, Cosy Touch Limited is an innovative and aggressive company. They entered the fashion apparel business by purchasing The Trouser Room which has focused on menswear retail business since 1980. Provide comprehensive range of high quality menswear and related accessories.

About Cheapties
Cheapties is the first New Zealand monthly necktie club founded by Cosy Touch Limited, Their goal is to provide men with an easy membership to get sharp silk neckties at affordable prices. For more information or to browse the extensive silk tie selection, please visit

Media Release on 22 May 2015 by Cosy Touch Limited Trading as The Trouser Room

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Joanna Zhou, Cosy Touch Limited Trading as The Trouser Room
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