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( Clothing alterations and repairs: lack of well-priced, professional services catering for nationwide and local service.

Many people are sure to have an old pair of jeans that they used to love wearing, but no longer do because either the zip doesn’t work properly, or a seam has come apart or some other reason. Many of these clothes end up being thrown away or meeting some other sad fate.

Local seamstress and tailor services are around that can help. One problem that many people seem to have is that when they do find a local tailor/seamstress, they then have to travel to them, only to find that the prices are quite high, especially when the business is very specialized.

This is set to change as a new home-based clothing design, alteration and repair business, is aiming to make the challenge of professional service, at the cheapest prices, accessible to all New Zealanders. Kathy Simpson, the owner of Sew Unique, says “I was amazed at how many people were telling me about bad experiences with local clothing alteration and repair services, who had extremely high prices. Other comments focused on the fact that it often seemed quite a hassle to find and then travel to a local professional”.

Sew Unique offers all New Zealanders the option of posting any clothing items to them for alteration or repair, which then get posted back after being fixed or altered. This takes a lot of hassle out of the ordeal, and saves time and money.

Visit Sew Unique today, and find out more about the services and products that are on offer.


Media Release on 30 May 2013 by Sew Unique

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